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It wasn’t a week after my sweet smile went on to her reward that God tapped me on the shoulder, and said the following: “I want you to get together with the best writers in Nashville and write a tribute album to your beautiful wife, Alicia.”

When God tells you to do something, you would be a fool not to do it, regardless of your current state of grief. So that is exactly what I did!

The songs on this album are among the best I have ever written, and certainly among the best I’ve ever had the honor to sing. If you’ve ever grieved loss.

If you’ve ever loved or been loved, I promise you will love this music. It has helped me tremendously in my healing process and, if you are in need, I believe it will help you too.

Each word directly from my heart to my beautiful bride, who waits for me at our table in heaven.

“We’re still us“ guarantees to change and grow your soul.

Sincerely, John Schneider