T-Shirt "Yee Haa!"

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Okay... "Yee Haw, Bo!" Says the guy at the end of the bar thinking he's way cool.

For the record... When somebody quotes the Alan Jackson or Toby Keith way of saying this classic phrase it kind of makes my teeth hurt.

Kind of like when some soldier in an old Western say something like "The Calvary will be here any minute, sir." When he actually meant "The Cavalry will be here any minute, sir."

There's a difference. One means a group of highly trained, soldiers on horseback will be arriving soon. The other means that somehow, someone is going to somehow be delivering the hilltop where Jesus was crucified any minute.

So... not that this is a mistake of biblical proportions by any means. I just wanted to set the record straight.

When I yell it at the top of my lungs... It's "YEE HAA!" Most definitely NOT "YEE HAW!"

I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Come on... Show us your Yee Haa this summer!

These amazing shirts are available in 2 different ways...
As the shirt all by themselves...
And the shirt Personalized with whoever's name you want on them. (But please don't ask me to write "To my cousin Vinny who made me laugh and laugh at summer camp, Yee Haa John Schneider or anything like that. I am only in the store for a short time every week and it's just not possible! Thanks for understanding).

Supplies and sizes are limited so if you really want one... hurry!