BoGo Christmas Cars & Stand On It - Autographed!

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I am so excited about "Poker Run" coming out on Orange Friday! You are going to LOVE this one... I promise. My word as a Duke and a Kent!

However... this means that we are going to need a whole lot of room on the shelves at Miss Shirley's for all of the 100,000 DVD's we'll have on hand December first!

So... this is how we are going to make rom. Buy an autographed copy of "Stand On It" and get an autographed "Christmas Cars" for FREE!

(Please note that these are AUTOGRAPHED but NOT personalized. I am out on the road and can''t be there to personalize DVD's but I did autograph a whole bunch before we left).

There's a limitited supply of these so when they are gone... they're gone.

I love these two movies and hope you will to. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for our new movie, the sequel to "Stand On It" coming out December 1st "Poker Run!"


John Schneider