Tony's 01 Fishing Keychain

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Dave (Tony) Brewer is a U.S. Army Veteran. He served our country during the "Dessert Storm" era. Tony followed the honored tradition of serving our country just as his family had done through the years. Tony's family had served in the Armed Forces during war times and experienced the loss of several family members. Tony chose to serve in the Army, (as his Dad and Grand-Father had done), shortly after high school graduation. Having suffered a leg injury he knew he was facing the realization that his vocation would need to be altered. During high school Tony had dabbled in Air Brushing. Being confined to a wheel chair and crutches he once again began to sketch and airbrush. He found this not only was a way to convalesce, it was mental therapy while critiquing his techniques and improving his God given talent. Deciding to pursue his passion for airbrushing and sharing his talents, Tony has touched many lives with his awesome talents, along with his ability to help and encourage other to be overcomers. (1 John 5:5)