CD "My Sweet Smile"

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I picked out every song on this album because I am hopelessly in love with my Smile Alicia.
I’ve included a photo album of personal pictures from our life and dreams together. They are from our personal collection and our personal favorites. 
When we were looking for material for the original album I picked songs that I wish I had written for Alicia  that expressed my love through the beautiful words.
I sang every word of every song through the glass of the vocal booth while looking at her beautiful eyes. Every song a testimony of my love to this amazing woman.  

if you are lucky enough to love someone and be loved by someone you will love every song on here and every picture in the photo album  

I promise. 

By the way… I am making a new album of all original material to be released for Christmas called “We’re Still Us.” I’m co-writing with some of Nashville’s greatest writers and it’s already great. I’ll keep you posted. 

Until then… hold that loved one tight… put this music on… and enjoy “My Sweet Smile.”

Mr. Alicia Schneider