CD The Odyssey Wanderlust

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Life is an Odyssey... a journey. And while on the journey, we encounter many people, places and emotions. This is a journey through the years via music. There are soothing tones, exciting tones, angry tones, whimsical tones and erotic tones, which make up a lifetime.... a wander into the great unknown... a quest.
We all have in us a need to explore, to discover, to wander. Don't be afraid to open the door and look inside.
1. Wherever She Is 
2. Can I Buy You a Beer
3. Two Trains 
4. Churches and Bars
5. A Little More Trouble 
6. I Don’t Feel a Thing
7. Give God The Blues 
8. Crazy Women 
9. Outta This Town 
10. Cracker Barrel