CD The Odyssey Vagabond

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Being a Vagabond means you're on a bit of a wonder. You've experience new things and you were processing them but you're also remembering times good and bad and filtering them through your new experiences. These songs are a mixture of old and new. Not only Music but thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams. 

Enjoy this musical wander through the things we are sure we knew and the things we never expected to come along. Let the road and the music take you where it wants.

Be a Vegabond along side me!


Song List

1. Wounded
2. No Tattoos
3. Thank God You Do
4. Put It In A Country Song
5. The Songwriter
6. Drink This Over
7. Soldiers Memoir
8. I’ll Still Be Loving You 
9. Too Close for Comfort
10. Who Da Baby Daddy 
11. Good Ole Boys