CD The Odyssey Crossroads

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"There's a devil in the mirror and he looks a lot like me..." this is something we eventually come to grips with along the journey. The person who is most in our way is, many times, ourselves. What are we going to do about it? Politicians are usually not what they appear to be at first... are we? Money is at the center of most victory and defeat. Where do we stand in that equation? Can we be bought? Are we standing with those we claim to not like, with our hand out saying, "Gimme, Gimme?" This album is about realizing we have a choice and deciding, once and for all, who we are. It's about remembering where we came from with "Toolbox" and which mentors made the most impact with

"They Lived it Up." It's a record of realization, understanding and decision.
It's unavoidable.
It's time to grow up... take a stand.
And live with the consequences.


Song List

1. Gimme Gimme 
2. They Lived It Up
3. Toolbox
4. Trophy
5. Walk A Mile in My Shoes
6. Boyfriend in Your Bedroom 
7. Changes Me
8. When I Still Mattered
9. Angels Like Her 
10. Devil in the Mirror