CD The Odyssey Awakenings

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There's an awareness of the plight and problems, successes and dreams of other people on this CD. The words and melody to "A Kid From Somewhere" can't help but make you smile, remember and try just a little harder to reach your goal, your dream. There are songs of yearning to be a cowboy, feeling displaced in the wrong century, with "Tumbleweeds." True anguish of love, hopelessly lost in songs like "Coming Down" and "Drink This Over."

In a word... these tracks are more "Adult" than many of the other ones. They hit a chord, a life lived long that is riddled with victories, defeats, right moves and mistakes. They boast "You're gonna have to hire a helicopter, if you're gonna find me" in the fantastic song that mirrors my current life in the courtrooms of Los Angeles in "Living My Life, My Way" and you can't help but stomp your feet along with the music.

"Awakenings" is a collection of songs guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, smile, think and realize that there are more people on this journey than just you.


Song List

1. Coming Down
2. Living My Life My Way
3. I Hate Cancer
4. I’m Going to Miss Him 
5. Soldier’s King
6. Tumbleweeds
7. Heaven Help Me
8. I’m In Love With Her
9. Kid From Somewhere
10. Just Another Desperado